In the past 15 years railways have come to realise the importance of having connected trains for both their passengers and their own operational requirements. The first generation of connected trains provides frustratingly poor performance but everyone now recognises the potential benefits of mobile connectivity.


Travelling passengers need to stay in contact with their home or office, make progress on their work, update travel plans, stay up to date on the latest news or sports or just relax by streaming music or videos. Train operators need to provide up to date scheduling information, monitor vehicle and driver performance in real time, and control costs. TeleRail Networks provides the infrastructure so that rail passengers and trains are always connected but now with the kind of performance that makes the digital train a reality.


Enhanced communication infrastructure for railways will improve passenger experiences by:
improving mobile connectivity with higher speeds, better coverage and increased reliability
enabling new services including real time information, bespoke entertainment and safer commercial transactions

TeleRail Networks makes use of shared, licensed spectrum that provides a vastly superior balance of bandwidth, range and cost. A whole new range of connected passenger services become feasible.

For train operators TeleRail Networks delivers a managed service that dovetails with existing coverage from mobile network operators, integrating with existing on-board train solution providers.

The TeleRail Networks offer is based on an innovative business model to share licensed spectrum, working with Government and the safety spectrum community to deliver an affordable, scaleable broadband backhaul for rail operators. The offer is based on a monthly fee per train so there is no capital investment from train operators.

Controlling data costs to support the burgeoning demand for connectivity on trains will allow train operators to innovate and deliver a whole range of connected services to enhance the passenger experience as well as contributing to demands to reduce cost, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce the carbon footprint and increase capacity.


TeleRail Networks is a consortium of businesses working together to deliver a fully connected train. The business was set up by Nigel Wallbridge, one of the two co-Founders of Nomad Digital, to take the connected train to the next level.

Nigel Wallbridge is well known in the rail industry as a co-founder of Nomad Digital. He lead the company to become the world’s largest provider of connected train services. His vision, coupled with a thorough understanding of leading edge technology applicable in the rail sector, enable him to build dynamic, long lasting teams that deliver great customer value. A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France.
Caleb Carroll is an inventor and system architect with a broad range of experience in the RF industry. His leadership, technical contributions and outstanding problem solving skills have been key to the success of a number of high tech start-up companies.
Caleb brings a deep understanding of mobile connectivity in the rail sector to Telerail Networks, based on his ground breaking work on wireless data communication with Nomad Digital and Pathcom Wireless. He has written or collaborated on more than 15 mobile communication patents to date.
In addition to his work at Telerail Networks, Caleb is currently providing intellectual property, network design and consulting and system architecture services in both North America and Europe.

Kevin Collis is a Chartered Engineer, co-founder of the Broadband Access Strategies LLP consultancy and a recognised expert in telecommunications solutions for challenging environments, developing solutions for both the rail and maritime sectors. He is the digital train subject matter expert for a leading UK train operating group as well as being the lead for the first commercial sharing agreement between a service provider and a UK government department.

Kevin was instrumental in the ground breaking approach to improving broadband connectivity that Chiltern Railways and EE brought to the Arriva UK train franchises. He was the pioneer for the shared spectrum leases in the 5GHz band and is developing a comprehensive solution to deliver an efficient service to the rail network.

He led activities on these issues for Network Rail Telecoms, Arriva UK Trains, HS1, CalMac ferries and Nomad Digital as well as contributing to several projects for clients including BIS, RSSB and Mott MacDonald.

He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Naval Engineering College and an MBA from the University of Exeter; he served as a Marine Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy undertaking appointments in several submarines, the Trident project and the Amphibious Warfare Group.

Carrol Plummer, a professional engineer, is a co-founder and investor in several technology and marketing based start ups. Expanding the scope and scale of what is possible for both clients and collaborators is key to her success. She brings to Telerail a strong track record of building teams that provide excellent customer service, deliver complex projects on time and on budget as well as experience in establishing efficient and certifiable business processes.

Carrol has an MBA from INSEAD, France as well as a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Calgary, Canada. Previously she held senior management positions in the UK paper sector, worked for a leading strategy consultancy and has experience in pulp and paper and mineral extraction in Canada.

Bimal Shah is a business builder who has set up, grown and exited a variety of technology businesses in several countries. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, with a Law degree, who has spent the last 15 years establishing businesses at the forefront of technology.
Bimal has an in depth knowledge of the train communication marketplace from 5 years of running Nomad Digital with Nigel Wallbridge. Whilst at Nomad, Bimal helped grow the business from a small UK based operation to the largest provider of train communications in the world. He raised over 40m in equity and debt and signed a number of national and international rollout contracts.
More recently Bimal has been running a cutting edge software consultancy, where he has had the opportunity to invest in and grow a number of promising South East Asian technology startups, of which he is still a director. Bimal is a co-founder of Elemental Concept whose resources and team strengthen Telerail Networks.


Are you interested in participating in the consortium, finding out more about the Connected Train or perhaps working with us. If so please contact us on: info@telerail.net